Dialogue between MIND and BODY

Research, Clinical Practice, and Education of Psychosomatic Medicine in Japan

This site is a platform for information and concepts, focusing on research introductions and articles about the psychosomatic medicine and its clinical practice.

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Research Overview

Psychosomatic Medicine is a medical science based on the basic concept of psychosomatic correlation (the relationship between mind and body) and is closely related to not only physical medicine and psychiatry but also clinical psychology.

The core theme of our LABs is the relationship between the mind and the body. Major themes include stress and physiological responses of the body, assessment of stress in the body and mind in daily life, investigation of the interoception (internal sensations of the body), psychosomatic processes such as alexithymia on the body, research on pathophysiology of stress-related diseases or psychosomatic diseases, and therapeutic approaches based on the mind-body relationship in psychosomatic medicine.

Various processes can occur by objectively capturing how the body changes when some psychological process occurs or by providing feedback on such changes. Research that objectively visualizes these changes in the mind and body and examines their relationship to subjective changes is another characteristic of our LABs of research.

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  • Faculty of Medicine/ Graduate School of Medicine, Kagawa University
  • Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Medicine, Kagawa University
  • Clinical Psychology, Graduate School of Medicine, Kagawa University