Psychosomatic medicine is a medical science based on the psychosomatic correlation (the relationship between mind and body) and is closely related to not only physical medicine and psychiatry but also clinical psychology. It is the basis of psychosomatic medicine as a medical specialty and psychosomatic disorders as diseases. The core theme of our research is, therefore, the relationship between the mind and the body.

The main research topics are as follows
・Stress and physiological responses of the body
・Assessment of mental and physical stress in daily life
・Internal sensations in the mind and body
 Interoception and interoceptive processes, and its relationship to emotional processes)
・The process of emotional processing on the body, such as alexithymia.
・Research on the pathophysiology of psychosomatic disorders.
・Therapeutic approaches based on the medicine.

Various processes can occur by objectively capturing how the body changes when some psychological process occurs, or by providing feedback on such changes. One of the characteristics of our research is the use of various psychophysiological tools to visualize (objectify) such changes in the body and mind.

Below are the categories of research corresponding to those research themes.