Research Category: Biofeedback in Psychosomatic Medicine

Biofeedback is applied in various fields as a method to “visualize” changes in mind and body and promote adjustment and awareness by providing feedback.

For biofeedback in psychosomatic medicine, please refer to this column.

In psychosomatic medicine, research is conducted from perspectives such as:

  1. Evaluation of the relationship between mind and body
  2. Mind-body awareness through biofeedback
  3. Objective capture of changes in various situations such as interviews, various activities, and stress
  4. The psychosomatic effects of feedback
  5. Consideration of methods to enhance autonomic nervous system function and interoception

In recent years, advancements in various wearable devices and smartphones have made it possible to easily capture and provide feedback on changes in mind and body (broad sense of biofeedback).
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Research is conducted from the perspective of psychosomatic medicine on mechanisms, effects, and significance, including these broad definitions of biofeedback.

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